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Jumbo Puzzles Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip 1000pcs

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Jumbo Puzzles Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip 1000pcs

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Trip to the Tip!’ is the title of this hilarious Wasgij Destiny 22, 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Trips to the tip have been heaven for some and hell for others for decades. Today is no exception, as kids play amongst the confusion, the wrong cars are scrapped and cats watch families of rats with their luggage, eager to move in. Imagine how this scene from times gone by might look today. Will recycling have made the trip easier, or will our green visitors be seeing red with frustration? This is the scene you have to puzzle.   Wasgij Destiny is the puzzle concept where you must use your imagination and clues provided to piece together not what you see, but what the scene printed on the box will look like in the future.

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Not Suitable for Children under 3 years